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Hois'n Wellness Area

In February 2024, after a year of construction, the time has come and we can open our wellness area with around 400m² of relaxation space. With this investment we are taking a step towards extending the season. The area is also perfect as a bad weather program. Below is the equipment of the wellness area:

Infinity Indoor Pool

30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit

3,5m x 7,5m

One of the highlights is definitely our infinity indoor pool. Equipped with a counter-current system, nothing stands in the way of swimming your lengths in wonderful temperatures with a view of the deepest and sometimes cold Traunsee. The pool also has 3 massage jets, so both attractions can be easily switched on directly in the pool.

Business hours: Mo from 12am - 8pm, Tu - Su from 8am - 8pm

Finnish Sauna

85 degrees Celsius/185 degrees Fahrenheit

Lake and Mountain view

Our Finnish sauna, made of aspen wood and hemlock, has a wonderful view of Lake Traunsee and the Traunstein. The front is fully glazed and allows for a spectacular view. If you can't relax here... you should try the bio-sauna!

Business hours: daily from 2pm - 8pm

Bio Sauna

60 degrees Celsius/140 degrees Fahrenheit

50% humidity

View to the Traunstein and an artifical starry sky

Our bio-sauna is made of pine wood and hemlock. The Traunstein can also be viewed from this sauna, if you want, of course. In addition, an artifical starry sky creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Business hours: daily from 2pm - 8pm

Steam bath

40 degrees Celsius/104 degrees Fahrenheit

100% humidity

Our steam bath made of GRP plastic guarantees absolute tightness and the best hygiene. 40 degrees Celsius/104 degrees Fahrenheit with 100% humidity makes you sweat here too. Colored lighting also supports relaxation here...

Business hours: daily from 2pm - 8pm

Panorama terrace

70m² space

View to the lake and the Traunstein

Our 70m² panoramic terrace has truly earned its name. So this view of the Traunstein and the Traunsee is simply spectacular and that's what we say, the Schallmeiner family, who have lived here for many decades...

Business hours: daily from 8am - 8pm


Whether it's a treadmill, cross trainer, racing bike, multifunctional device, dumbbells, jump rope, yoga mats, push-up bars... our small but nice fitness room enables a wide variety of training.

Business hours: daily from 8am - 8pm

Good to know

In our new wellness area you can enjoy further amenities such as:


Lounger or rest areas

Treatment room

Showers, changing rooms, toilets