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The Salzkammergut with its untouched natural landscape is one of the most fascinating regions of Austria. With its mountains and crystal clear lakes, it combines natural beauty and pristine environment with tradition and culture.

The tradition of cheese making in the Salzkammergutgoes back to the 14th Century. At that time the first settlers had to pay for the management of farm buildings every Sunday 12 small cheese loaves to the nunnery in Traunkirchen.


For more than 75 years, the rural dairy farms provide the very best raw milk to the dairy Gmunden, which is refined to a rich and high quality cheese assortment.

The regional cheese specialties of Gmunden dairy as the "Gmundnerberg," the "Traunstein king", the "Gosau snack cheese", the "Traunkirchner raclette" or "Stoderer smoked cheese" are culinary ambassador of this region. This typical regional cheeses guarantee the best quality and a unique taste experience.

So the rich taste of spicy nuances "Gmundnerberg" a delicate walnut flavor. In the "Stoderer smoked cheese" to a pleasant smoke flavor. The repeatedly awarded the Gmunden dairy cheeses are appreciated not only in the Salzkammergut region, but are also very popular across the borders. This testifies to the Traunstein King, which was named due to its excellent taste in spring 2006 in Wisconsin (USA) to the cheese world champion.


As in neighboring Bavaria and Bohemia are dumplings in different preparations and with many savory fillings an important element of the Upper Austrian cuisine.


Also Bratl in der Rein, Ripperl, Essigwurst, Maurerforelle (geezer with onion), Sulz and the so called Brettljause (various meats and meat snacks on a boardt) are eaten in the area quite often.







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